Old Time "Drunk" Rock from New Jersey

In our continuing effort to make all your virtual Punk Rock dreams come true, this page has been built to fill you in on all the latest HEADWOUND info, gossip, and updates.

What's Going On ?
Headwound has finished recording at Clearcut Studio and now has tracks for our new full-length CD. Fourteen songs - some new, some covers, and some previously released cuts that were redone for this project. The CD is as yet untiltled, and there's no release information at this time, so stay tuned.

We'll also be working on
"Our Favorite Punk Tunes from the 80's" - a collection of songs that we'll be recording at home (Saxon Sound), and be releasing ourselves.
Meanwhile...listen to our "Early Years" CD released on Squigtone. Nothing much new, but it's a good collection of all our earlier hits when we were young, handsome, in demand, and always drunk (not that anything has changed)(heh-heh!). You can re-live the good old days.

There's a new place to get Headwound info on the net...it's still under development, but you might want to check it out by clicking on the Logo above.