Headwound Gear

Here's a page of Headwound recordings and other stuff we have to offer. Most of it is available directly from us, some of it you'll have to get from either Headache or Squigtone Records, and a few items are still on the way. Contact us if you have any questions (or if you're just bored).

The Early Years - CD
Here's our latest release on Squigtone Records. It's a collection of the songs on our first three 7" EPs, and contains a few unrelesed, demo, and "live" tracks. There's also a short interview taken by Chris Kelly at a gig we did on his WPSC radio show. The perfect gift for that special person you want to impress! This CD is availale through Squigtone, at your favorite CD Shack, or directly from us at a mere Ten Dollars PPD..
Headwound - 14 song CD
Our first full-length CD released on Headache Records with all the songs you've grown to know and love - and a few we never played since. Nek returned to record this CD with us at Clearcut Recording Studio with the skilled hands of Max Caselnova on the board. Last I heard, it's not available any more, but you can check with Headache and/or your favorite CD store...there might be a few around. Good stuff!
Headwound - The EP 7" vinyl
This is our first recording released on Headache Records way back when we were young and famous. The songs were recorded by Billy T. of The Burnt / Wretched Ones fame at their home studio in Midland Park. As you'd expect, the recordings have that certain "crunch" that Billy is known for and the performance is raw as you like it. This record actually made Maximum R&R's top records of the year list - but unfortunately, it's nowhere to be found these days. Rumor has it that Doug at Squigtone has a few for sale, but look for the first pressing with the "blood" splattered design. Otherwise, the tracks are on the "Early Years" CD.
The Kings Of Beer - 7" vinyl EP
This is our second 7" EP released on Headache Records. It was recorded at Twain Recording in West Milford, and include Dan Brewer on bass. Four new songs in the same vein as our first release, but we got ourselves in trouble with the PC Punks due to some of the lyrics in the song "Keep It In The Country" - so be warned. We have a few of these laying around, and we might be kind enough to sell them. Contact us if you're interested.
Thinking and Drinking - 7" vinyl EP

Released on DIM Records out of Germany, this record has recently been re-pressed and we have plenty of them for sale. Includes two songs recorded at the same session as the "Kings Of Beer" release, and two songs Uhlrich (DIM owner) recorded at one of our rehearsals when he was in town for a visit. The "red" vinyl copies are the ones to look for, but it's the same thing here - so we've got them for Four Dollars PPD.

Our last 7" EP released on Headache Records, and again recorded at Clearcut Recording by the indispensable Max Caselnova. The songs have a slightly different feel to them than the earlier releases, which kinda threw some of our fans for a loop...but it's still a great record. We like it...anyway. These recordings include J.C. (John) on bass, and include a tribute to our friend and roadie: Max V. who passed away shortly before the release. It's one of our better songs to date. We have a handfull of these left, and they're still around, so don't be afraid to inquire

Two songs by each band recorded here at Saxon Sound originally intended to be released on our own label.....and may still. Includes the last recordings by singer/guitarist John Hansen before he passed away earlier this year, and the first recordings with our new bassist - Quincy McGirk. These recordings have a great "D.I.Y." quality to them that fans of the bands will find refreshing.
Recently, this collection has been made available through Saxon's OneUp Recordings catalog (find more on the Saxon site (see our links), and hopefully soon on our own Backstabber Records. A good choice - inquire.

The Other Stuff - Demo Collection CD

Another unofficial collection of Headwound songs that are available through OneUp Recordings. This set includes most of the songs that were released to various compilations over the years and alternate re-mixes of material released on Squigtone's: "Four Bands From NJ" CD.
It also includes "Anarchy In Midgetville" from the Weird NJ comp. - something you've never heard us play live.
All the songs were recorded here at Saxon Sound with Mr Quincy McGirk on the Fender Bass. True fans should check this out!


Not really a release...but here's as good a place as any to mention that we have new songs (fourteen of them!) in the works, and we'll soon find a way to get them recorded and out to the public. Yes...there's more BEER songs, love songs, and hate songs (what else?) - and plenty of "sing along" chorus' for you to raise your mugs to. There's even a song in German!
Speaking of "Beer Songs"...maybe that's a good idea for the future??? What do you think? We'll keep you posted.

Well..the ole' Headwound warehouse is pretty scant these days...we don't have any Tee-Shirts, pins, coffee mugs, or kitchen magnets to sell you. But we do have Patches (for all you walking "Punk" bulletin boards), and plenty of Stickers to sell/offer. The patches are .oo each, and the stickers are pretty much for the asking. Soon (I hope) we'll have a Headwound Wardrobe collection for you to browse through, and then you'll really be the envy of the block!

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