Updates on the site dedicated to NJHC in the 1980's

Among the several website projects I've placed under my belt, EARWAX RETRO FANZINE has been getting a lot of attention and there's some new features being added. Most recently (November,2001)I've added a page dedicated to THE BURNT and HEADACHE RECORDS. I've also added the first pages to the DIRECTORY listing NJ Hardcore and Punk Bands in the 80's: A thru I. More on the way, but you can check this out now by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. Enjoy!

NEW - As of September, 2001 I have added a page dedicated to MUTHA RECORDS and the bands from South Jersey who were the premier Punk/HC builders of our scene. Again, still under construction and update, but you might want to cruise on over and check things out.

NEW - As of November, 2001 I've added a page dedicated to BUY OUR RECORDS - premier Fun-Punk/HC label. Like all the other pages, I'll be updateing it in the future with corrections, additions, etc....but it's worth a glance and will shake your memories.

NEW - As of December,2001 the directory has been expanded to include bands through R with several "Add On" pages that offer more information and an expanded look at MENTAL ABUSE. There's been a lot of visitor "write-in" information added to the site, and band links as well. So check it out!

NEW - also added in December: NJ FANZINES - a page devoted to some of the fanzines that supported the NJHC scene in the 1980's. Enjoy!

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