Orange & Red - Wake and Bake - Mechanical Bride

Here's a quick look at some of the projects that I'm working on at Saxon Sound. As of September, I'm back in business with a lot in the wings. Here's a few things on the burner:

Orange And Red Updates
Seems like I've been kicking this around for a while...but the original demo has been issued, and now I'm back to work re-mixing the tracks, and polishing them up with a more carefull degree of mastering. I'll also be mixing a RSS version of these songs, and a "short" cassette copy that will have six of the eleven songs for give-aways.

After 2-3 months of work on my new solo project, I've finally come to a decision on a title that fits the project: WAKE AND BAKE!.
Ten new songs that are pulling together rather nicely, and happily on schedule. All the mixes have been completed, the mastering is in works, and I should have this beast out for pressing by the first week of May.
The title came about, because I couldn't really put a finger on the "scheme" of the project as much as I enjoyed recording it. If there's any real thread running through the songs, it's about the freedom of doing them with no restrictions or regard for rules. An entire site is being built for this project, and I should have it posted by the end of April. If you want more information, and a read thru the recording process, check back here for the link. I'll keep you updated (if I remember!).

By the middle of May, I'll be working on my next solo project - and the call goes out again for musicians and vocalist who.....are bored to death, and might want to add a track or two to the project. Please get in touch with me if you have a little extra time on your hands and would like to contribute.

Mechanical Bride CD
Here's a project that's been waiting in the wings for a long time; MECHANICAL BRIDE had recorded twelve songs with Billy T. for a full-length release that never made it. The one song "The Future Is Green" eventually made it on the "NJ & You" comp released on Headache Records, but the rest of the stuff was just collecting dust. I finally got my ass in gear, and the CD is now done. It includes all the songs from the original session and "The Future Is Green"...and if I do's a really great recording. Interested fans & curious onlookers can request a copy by contacting me.

Never a dull moment here at Saxon
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Updated 03/31/02