Updates and info for Saxon Sound Recording Services"

Saxon Sound is a home project studio owned and operated by myself: Harry Baggs, that offers "production" demos at a price that's geared to bands on a limited budget, but still want a great sounding product. The studio is based around a Roland VS-880 8-Track recorder, but I've become comfortable enough with it's features and an assortment of outboard gear that virtualy no project is undoable. Whether it's a simple folk tune, or a major production - there's a way.

In the past, I've operated Saxon as a simple recording studio that was capable of making great sounding demos, quickly, and cheaply. Most of the bands are young,Punk, and need assistance. That's where Saxon can help. Please contact me for further information.

Saxon Sound Demo Production Services
I'm now offering my services as an Independent Producer to bands who want to maximize their uniqueness by working to "produce" a demo that holds the listeners attention, takes advantage of the band's true potential, and stays on the player longer. I believe that your demo is worth the effort that few bands are willing to make - so let Saxon make it for you.
Saxon offers Hard Disk recording in a unique environment that caters to "demo" recording. I don't operate a large commercial studio capable of "live" recording. My cheif service is "production" aimed at artist' and bands that want help making their project stand out from the rest. I'm willing to work with just about any situation, provided the band understands and agrees with the production process and schedule. I'm not talking "slick" here...just good. My job is not to change your music - just bring it to the front where it belongs.


There's a couple interesting projects working at Saxon in January, 2002:
Pat O'Brian, along with HATE TRASH DISASTERS will be back in the studio with a new lineup and a handfull of new songs to record. The current lineup includes Dino Sex (ex-Murder Junkies/G.G.Allen), and Pat's curious blend of Rock-Solid Punk and....welll..."Trash"! Gotta love it!
Former members of THE BAD HABITS from Warwick, NY. will be returning for a "Metal" project they've got burning under their belts. The Bad Habits demo came out so good...I'm looking forward to hearing what direction they're cooking now!
Per a Christmas card I received from long-time Saxon patron DAVID PEEL, the tracks we've been recording over the past year or so are finally gonna be released on Captain Trip Records out of Tokyo, Japan. Good stuff - I'll keep you updated on their distribution!

Stay tuned for upades as the project continues!