Happy music that nobody wants

THE CHARMS: To Sing For You
No Label - May 6, 1966
One of those records made for the Marymount College Glee Club (of sorts), back in the days when cutting an LP was no harder than ordering little league tee-shirts. I guess they couldn't squeeze them all into one of them "cut your own record" booths in Times Square.
These girls just radiate "happiness" and were probably well inspired by Saly Field and The Flying Nun more so than something as adventurous as Peter, Paul & Mary. Oddly, they decided to include "The Birth Of The Blues" as one of their tracks (???). More wholesome listening. Where are they today?

Enoch Light & The Light Brigade
Grand Award Record Corp.
There are several things about this record that caught my eye: first off, the cover art was done by Robert Stanley who was (among other things) the premier cover artist for Dell Publishing. He always used himself and his wife as models for his paintings, and that's him & her dancing on this cover. You can check out more of his unique artwork by clicking on the image.
The other offbeat thing that caught my eye is that there's a price tag on the back from the now-history NJ based department store "2 Guys", which used to be referred to as The Two Guys from Harrison - and wouldn't you know it, the Grand Award Record Co. is from Harrison, NJ.
The record was produced in something called "Spectacular Stereophonic Sound with Phase X" - whatever that is; the facts are on the cover. Happy music - for happy people!.