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Records that are worth the cover photo alone


No Label - Produced in Nashville, TN. 1988
Of course, the big draw for me was the cover - and there's absolutely no information given who/what they are, but the photo is titled "Heavy Metal" - and it's classic!
Apparently, the APC is an outfit which formed due to "the need for a fresh, new, fun approach to marching band music". They also support something called "Pep" bands. This double LP is a catalog of sorts - examples of "fun" arrangements to many Pop tunes - the arrangements for which can be bought (at a hefty price) through the catalog enclosed. Music for marching band fans and very "lonely" people. Still...the photo was worth my quarter.

Teh Don Ho TV Show
Reprise Records
Remember The Don Ho Show? Of course you don't - or at least won't admitt to it. But alas, there are still many Lawrance Welk fans out there who remember the "good old days" of wholesome TV and downright whitebread entertainment who would probably cherish this record. Again, the cover is a feast for eyes, and the whole Vegas in Waikiki thing is so funny, I just had to add this to the list. Appropriately, it includes the song "Bring Back The Good Times" as well as some more "Hip" cuts like "Aquarius" and "Let the Sun Shine In" (just to show that Don was in tune with the times. Funny stuff that fans of Uncle Floyd would immediately connect with.