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I'm not big on bouncing people all over the internet for no reason, but here's a few places I've found that are worth checking out for one reason or another. This page under construction and tends to display links I didn't add (oh well..), so bear with me.

If you have a worthwhile site you'd like to see on this page, send me the link and I'll post it.

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My Back Pages
This is the site where I get to show my age. MY BACK PAGES is a site dedicated to the garage bands in & around my hometown of Waldwick, NJ. back in the early 60's and 70's. The old site has been moved, and the new one is still under construction, but you might want look at what's currently active. Don't be afraid!
Earwax Retro Fanzine Directory
Here's a direct link to the New Jersey Punk/Hardcore 1980's Directory that's been under construction for some time now. It's got a lot of active pages and keeps cruise on up and check it out!
Mental Abuse Homepage
New site that's under construction by Larry Carey dedicated to Sid Sludge and Mental Abuse - but he plans on expanding it to include lots of 80's/NJ Hardcore momentos and info. Check it out!
SUX Homepage
Here's your chance to get the goo on the hottest new band to hit the Jersey scene: SUX. Made up of former members of A.O.D. and BEDLAM, this site's got all you need to stay tuned.
Saxon Sound
Not sure how long this site will remain online, but you might want to cruise on over and see if it's still in operation. Otherwise, SAXON information is available on the HARRY BAGGS page.
Harry Baggs OnLine
This is the Harry Baggs Index site, with links to many other OnLine projects I have maintaining - Earwax Retro Fanzine - The Hardy Mums pages, and My Back Pages among others can all be accessed from this page. You might want to drop in and save this in your "favorites" as a quick link to all my sites.
The Wretched Ones / Headache Records
Great new site built by Mike Wretched with all the info you'll need about the Wretched Ones and Headache Records. Has a lot of really good pictures and an area for SEDATED information as well (Mike's RAMONE cover band with Ted of FLATUS).
Squigtone Records
Doug's home for Squigtone Records and a virtual universe of information about the bands, events, product, and everything else you wanted to know about the NJ Punk scene. Excellent site!
Squiggy - The Band Site
More information on SQUIGGY - the official band site with news, shows, products, and a whole lot more!

The Hardy Mums
New site I've been busy building that's dedicated to garbage picking through the "Less Than $1.00" vinyl bins at record shops, shows, garage sales, and The Salvation Army. Lot's of useless articles being written on Absurd Cultures and their offspring.
The Merle Astrolite Band
The 70's were a confusing and busy decade for me and many of the musicians I associated with. This site is the first in a series dedicated to the bands I played in those years. The Merle Astrolite Band was another "Waldwick" based band - largely a cover band - but mostly a party band. The site has pictures, a bio, a list of shows, and other band info.
Check out the home page for one of NJ's premier Pop/Punk bands: Dodgeball.Band info, shows, pictures, merchandise, and pages of fun!
Ever think about which records you'd like to be stuck in a fallout shelter with? This site lists some of my favorite listens and a little off-the-wall banter about the records/artists. Something to read when you're really bored.

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