An OnLine Newsletter created by Harry Baggs - updated February, 2003'

Welcome to my latest internet offering. This site is currently the home site for HEADWOUND, SAXON SOUND SERVICES, upates on projects by the band members, and a monthly newsletter that doesn't want to stay monthly. The format is loose and costantly changing, so be sure to check back from time-to-time for updates.
It is also the home site for HARRY BAGGS - music, art, recordings, rants, and whatever comes to mind. Hope you dig it.

New Stuff
There's a couple new things on this site, and new to HARRY BAGGS ONLINE in general. Aside from the updated pages & articles, I've added some pictures from the Adrenalin O.D. Reunion show at the Court Tavern on November 3rd. Check them out on the A.O.D. page. It was a great show!

If you're having trouble surfing around some of the other Harry Bagg sites, it's probably because most of the web hosts have pulled their plug on free web space, and I'm trying to find new homes for things - so be patient. Being the professional garbage picker that I am...I'll come up with something.

Classic Photos from the archives of Earwax Fanzine
Be sure to visit the CLASSIC ONE and CLASSIC TWO pages where I've posted some photos from my collection of NJ Punk/HC bands in the early-to-mid 80's. Remember when....not so long ago....

And don't pass by the FONE BOOTH page, where I've posted some pictures from the FLATUS show on September 23rd.

Found recordings for less than a buck!
With every update, I'll throw in a review of the latest group of vinyl treasures I dug up at the Salvation Army, a passing garage sale, or the local Record Show. The prime directive being; records for less than a buck with some kind of redeeming value.

To check out SAXON SOUND recording services, client updates, and current project notes, go to the PROJECTS page, or contact me via the e-mail link for studio information.

Ever wonder? Where are they now? Check out the Earwax Retro-Fanzine site. It's been completed from A-thru-Z with information on many of the New Jersey Hardcore bands in the swingin' 80's. Thanks to all who have responded and helped fill in the blanks.