They still walk among us....

Here's a bunch of photos from the EARWAX collection that span a period somewhere in the mid 80's when Punk/HC activities were alive and well in New Jersey. If you'd like to see more pictures and other material from the Eaxrwax archives, check out the EARWAX RETRO FANZINE site from my links page or simply click on the NJHC image to the right.

I'll be adding and changing this page from time to time, so stop back and enjoy.

Doug - The Burnt

One of the "Classic" frontmen of our times. Check out Billy T.'s "doo" in the background.
Jacko - Dirge / Fatal Rage

The Godfather of Punk/HC in NJ.

Children In Adult Jails

One of NJ's favorite "noise" bands (Buy Our Records), captured at the classic DIRT CLUB when HC meant something.
Pete Demattia

At The House Of Sodom Pig Roast.

Intense Mutilation

Seen here at ABC NO RIO.
Reno - The Burnt

At one of the many show/Bar-B-Q's Earwax threw at The House Of Wax.

Check out "Classic Two" for more photos!
All photos by Harry Baggs