We're New Jersey Fresh!

Here's some more photos from the EARWAX collection for you to gawk at. Many of these made their way to the pages of Earwax, and a few of them were featured on the band's vinyl at the time.

I still have quite a collection of back issues available that I'll be posting on the Catalog page in a few weeks. Before dumping these things Ill be offering them to collectors and anyone who is interested. They contain a good deal of information and additional photos about the bands and scenes here in NJ in the mid-80's. Drop me a note if you're interested.

The Burnt with Mark Mutha

Taken at the Brighton Bar. Mark is the owner of Mutha Records - a NJ Classic Label.

One of my favorite bands - knew "grunge" before it was stylish.

Jack and Paul / AOD

The mighty duo - taken at CBGB's.
Jim Dunleavy - Bedlam

Another classic NJ band on Buy Our Records. Photo taken at the Dirt Club.

Mental Abuse

One of the true NJ Classics.

More photo's on their way - so stay tuned, and stop back!
All photos taken by Harry Baggs